The Frampton Flora

The delightful collection of Victorian watercolours, the Frampton Flora, which is housed at Frampton Court, represents years of meticulous botanical observation and artistic representation by a group of female Clifford relations.

The talented ladies were the sisters Elizabeth, Charlotte, Catherine and Mary Anne Clifford and their aunts Charlotte Anne, Catherine Elizabeth and Rosamond. Between 1828 and 1851 the ladies accumulated a porfolio of over 300 hundred exquisite watercolours of the wild flowers of Frampton and the surrounding area. The paintings are bold, exactly observed, and beautifully and skillfully executed. Although many of the flowers were sketched in the field, the watercolours were finished at home and captioned in ink with the plant’s Linnaean family as well as their common names. Most of the paintings are dated, although few record the location of the flora or the artist.

Most of the finished watercolours are recorded in beautifully bound books, and a few of the individual paintings have been framed and hang in the bedrooms at Frampton Court.