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Reception Rooms

Frampton Court Estate_.jpg

The Hall

Adorned with exquisite carpentry, sumptuous sofas and a stonking wood-burner, this is the perfect place to gather before and after dinner!

The Dining Room

With classically carved timber panels throughout, our dining room is a faultless example of Georgian refinement. The perfectly proportioned rooms are believed to create a sense of harmony and are said to lift the spirits and elevate the mind. We believe combining this with a lavish feast and a glass of red is a recipe for a splendid evening.

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Drawing Room

After dinner the gentlemen would have remained in the dining room to smoke and drink whilst the ladies would have withdrawn into the drawing room. With a roaring fire and surrounded by such grandeur, who can blame them.


The kitchen is where many tend to congregate. Here we've combined a little bit of quirky old, with some very essential new. We've got homegrown and homemade produce, accompanied by a sparkling new dusky blue Everhot and underfloor heating to keep everyone toasty this winter.

Frampton Court Estate_ 9.jpg

Morning Room 

The small but mighty morning room. With an open-fire, swishy sofa and Frampton Flora watercolours adorning every wall. The Frampton Flora is a collection of over 300 Victorian flower paintings beautifully and skilfully executed by Elizabeth, Charlotte, Catherine and Mary Anne Clifford. The Clifford sisters documented an impressive number of native plants which can be seen all around the Court and in The Frampton Flora written by Richard Maybe. 

Games Room

A room to entertain children and adults of all ages, with pool table, dressing up box and vintage board games galore!

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